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  Prolific oil and gas resources, an experienced workforce, economical production costs and huge potential for growth: Russia has all the qualities to support BP’s strategic shift towards natural gas and highly competitive oil production. BP Magazine talks to BP Russia president David Campbell to find out more

  How significant is Russia to BP’s overall portfolio?

  It is enormous. If you look at BP’s 2016 results, a third of our production comes from Russia, almost half of our reserves bookings are from Rosneft and last year a significant amount of our profit came from Russia, in what was otherwise a difficult year.

  Russian oils have done quite well recently, although I think the sector is still overly discounted, but that means there is a potential to grow value. However, the fundamentals are there because the cost of finding and developing the oil is very low. Most of Russia’s production is onshore and there is a lot of infrastructure in place that we can tap into.

  It’s also a huge gas player, which suits BP’s strategy. Again, these are largely onshore fields attached to existing infrastructure. Then consider where Russia sits geographically, it’s between Asia and Europe – two great gas and oil markets.

  How would you characterise BP’s business in Russia?

  I think of it in four parts. First of all there is the Rosneft shareholding – that is the most important part – we have two seats on the main Board of Directors and it’s up to us to demonstrate to Rosneft that we are a progressive, supportive shareholder. This shareholding gives us a unique position in Russia, quite unlike any our competitors hold.

  The second job is investing in certain assets through joint ventures with Rosneft. That can help us grow a material business but also creates opportunities. Rosneft is a massive company but we can target our cooperation in certain areas. For instance, we have bought into the Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha company which operates the Srednebotuobinskoye field. That has significant growth potential and there is an ongoing capital project to grow its production from around 20,000 barrels a day up to 100,000 barrels.

  We have also created an exploration joint venture, Yermak Neftegaz, which allows us to bring to bear our exploration capabilities and processes on an enormous area that is largely unexplored in the northwest and northeast of west Siberia, one of the great basins in the world.

  The third part is technical collaboration where both businesses can bring in their technical experts to learn from one another.

  The fourth is technology co-operation and Project Cheetah (a partnership between BP, Rosneft and Schlumberger on seismic research and development) is a good example of this. I’d like to see us doing more of this kind of co-operative work – perhaps in enhanced oil recovery.

  This is your second time in Russia for BP. Has it changed much?

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